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"Chris Pugsley leaves PCE after two years working primarily as chief investigator on the marine project.  Chris is launching himself into adventure tourism but will also continue to provide specialist services for PCE in the short term."

Well that says it all really - the above being an extract from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environments newsletter.  If you want to know more about the marine report and an earlier one Chris co-authored on NZ Cities and how they are/could be managed see the PCE's website at

Chris is also working as a consultant back with the Department of Conservation, managing the conservation services levy - all about reducing the bycatch of marine mammals and seabirds in fishing nets i.e. seals and dolphins and albatrosses.

See the Department of Consevation website for more info or for details on the bit Chris works with do a site seach or look at the bureaucratic driving plan bit at  see under Natural Heritage Goal: 1.2 Marine environment  "Protect New Zealand's marine natural heritage".

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