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2001 was a quiet year in the garden. Little has been achieved as far as new beds being created, partly because of Andy's accident in March, then going away to England for 7 months. However, many of the previous plantings are maturing nicely- and we are looking forward to our first crop of peaches and plums.

The Shed project continues to progress. Chris worked very hard (with occasional help from Kris and Andy) to get the outer skin on the shed before our OE in March. This was managed hours before our departure!

Now Chris is working on the interior and floor. We hope to have it finished soon, so we can de-junk our overcrowded house!

Another gardening first was Andy's first published (and paid!) gardening article. He wrote a piece about the rare NZ weeping broom tree for NZ Home and Garden. Hopefully this will not be the last!

One of Andy's plant babies, being cuddled by Chris, from a previous existence in Caistor