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The most significant event to kick off the year was the birth of Kris's son Theo on 16 January!

Immediately afterwards Kris and Andy headed south to Nelson to participate in the National Paragliding Championships.

AdventureOut kicked off with its first tour in February with one client.

In March Chris, Andy and Kris went off to Mt Arthur to participate in a cave SAREX (Search & Rescue Exercise).  We then went off to paraglide in the Mousetrap Classic, where Andy had a "big break".  Lara and Mike had a Marij Festival in March - Lara had a cast to match Andy's!

In April Andy and Chris headed off on their Big OE to North Amercia for a month, then onto the UK for six months to work.

In June Kris joined them and we all headed off to Piedrahita to go paragliding.  Kris has written a short account, while Andy has a more epic version.

Upon his return Kris whiled away his time doing a paper in architecture (ARCH 111: Architectural Design) at the School of Architecture.  He thoroughly enjoyed the paper, but it has successfully in oculated him against the desire to do four years full time! One of his flights of fancy was to design an information kiosk for the Fringe Festival.  Present plotting is to try and get sponsorship for the 2003 year.  (Anyone interested in stumping up with $10,000? - you'll get naming rights!)

As if Kris wasn't busy enough he also participated in the trial-run of an impromptu cooking course that Frank de Roose was running.  Kris's words describing the course are immortalised on Frank's website.  Unfortunately he hasn't put anything into practice....

Upon Chris and Andy's return a new Spike the Bike was acquired.

Yo, Ro, Ella, Asher & Neve have returned from London and are going to live in Christchurch.  They visited us in November - Mandy, Kate & Theo came to lunch and everyone got on like a house on fire....

Garden developments have been a bit quiet on the "Western front" due to the absence of the Chief Gardener...  Andy, however, has written an article on brooms....

The Garden Shed continues to be built - over the Christmas period Chris was installing fibreglass Batts and Gib board.

Other people have also been ensuring that there is a workforce to fund Superannuation in our retirement: Susan and John gave Kris another neice - Sophie was born in September.  Jo (a former flatmate) and her husband Brent produced Holly Nina.  In Denmark Nina (another former flatmate) and Per had twins.

Tama, Chris's son, has finished his university course in computer science - he's moved back with us and is doing some freelance work: www.tama.co.nz

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