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Chris and Andy's adventure tourism company had its first paying clients in 2001. A small start- 2 clients, one each for 2 trips we ran. The first was a trip we call 'Heroic Adventures' based around the Hero festival  in Auckland (See our website ). Our client, John Richardson, turned out to be a great first client, and we really enjoyed his company during the trip. He was game for all the activities we threw at him, such as white-water rafting, snorkelling, and tramping; activities he had never tried before. Our second client (for a shorter trip up the North Island) proved to be not so good, and perhaps proving the point that Americans vastly overestimate their fitness. Despite rather gentle activities (such as a 2 hour cycle on a disused railway line), he thought we were providing activities that were too strenuous! (The activities listed on our website were far tougher than what we took him on, so we found this complaint a little bizarre!).

For 2002, we appear to be having an exponential growth in client numbers (4 booked so far!), and we are again running 2 trips. Three are booked on our 'Top of the South' trip, and one on a customised tramping trip in the South Island. We are both looking forward to being tour guides!