New Company shock!             

In a move sending shockwaves through the normally quiet, suburban street of Koromiko Road, Andy and Chris formed a major new multinational company this year.

Called 'Fruitfly International Ltd', the new company amalgamates Andy's existing veterinary locum/ contracting business (previously known as 'Madvet Locums') with Chris's new environmental consultancy venture and two new ventures. 'Adventure Out' is an inbound tour operator specialising in adventure holidays, and 'Koromiko Homestays' provides accommodation to visitors to Wellington (B&B for English readers).

It is hoped that the formation of the company will lead to substantially lower taxes for the directors, leading to greater wealth, economic growth, and ultimately world domination.

Kris is also a director, but has no involvement in the running of this exciting enterprise, preferring to devote his energies to 'Portfolio Projects'
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