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This year, Andy and Kris took advantage of cheap season passes to Whakapapa ski field (on Mt. Ruapehu in the North Island), which were only $200 each (about 60 pounds). Andy had 6 weekdays (Monday/ Tuesday) skiing, plus a full week holiday, so getting full value. Kris skied for 4 days, just breaking even on the pass.

It has to be said, the snow was thin, and the snow line well above the base station, so only the higher runs were open. This was also the best season for five years (evidence of global warming if ever there was). However, Andy still enjoyed his self, doing more snowboarding than skiing (which made the challenge greater). A particularly good day was had with friend Ron Sperber walking from the top of the ski run at Whakapapa, over the crater rim, and boarding down to Turoa ski field on the other side of the mountain.  Then skiing (without a pass - all the more fun) the rest of the day at Turoa.

Andy looking very touristy with Mt Ngarahoe behind.