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Andy & Kris went off to the Nationals in Nelson in January 2001 - However, they haven't written anything about it - despite Kris managing to achieve a personal best of 17.5 kilometres and Andy having a very remote landing....

Andy managed to break his leg at the 2001 Mousetrap classic.....

Chris, Kris & Andy went to Piedrahita in July 2001.  This is Kris's version of what happened, and for Andy's longer account click here!

2000 Paragliding
Kate Maddison has written an excellent account of the Wanaka Nationals that Andy and Kris went to in February 2000.  The Wellington contigent of Colin, Laurie, Andy and Kris managed to come last equal!  It wasn't helped by crash landing in matagouri at frequent intervals.  (Andy won a prize for landing in the stuff three times in a row).  Matagouri has thorns that makes boxthorn look tame!  For exciting action photos....

In March 2000 Kris and Andy went to the Mousetrap Classic. 

Caving & Canyoning

Three caving trips occurred in 2000, along with a canyonning trip to an unexplored canyon in Kahurangi National Park.


Andy and Kris bought ski passes to Whakapapa and had a great time skiing.

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